6 ways women stay fit in California Apr 17, 2019 @ 18:11 PM
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6 ways women stay fit in California

6 ways women stay fit in California

It’s easy for women to keep fit in California as there are lots of motivation for physical fitness. You can quickly step out for a walk, jog or run due to the amazing weather. Also, there are lots of fantastic outdoor activities to get involved in whenever you are not busy.

Most women in California are always striving hard  to be in the summer body all year round, so there is an opportunity to get inspired and choose a fitness buddy. Let’s look at some ways women stay fit in California to see which style you can adopt.

Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities are always worth the time and effort. Aside from burning fat, you also get to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure thereby improving your overall health. Moreover, outdoor exercises come in handy after a stressful day when you feel like unwinding. Here are some outdoor activities for women in California:

  • Tennis

This activity is a great way to tone the arms and leg muscle as it helps in strengthening your bones. It is also a sport that improves your metabolism rate, speed, and agility. It is possible to take about 4,000 steps of playing tennis; you can calculate this by wearing a pedometer while training.

  • Swimming

Another fun activity that also helps women fitness in California is swimming. It is one of the best aerobic sports useful for a total body workout as it works your shoulder, hips, trunk, and legs. It improves your posture and joint movement. When swimming, always take note of your breathing rhythm, ensure you breathe from both sides to avoid rotator cuff stress.

  • Bicycling

Why take the bus when you can cycle? You might have heard a trick of staying fit is to get off the bus ahead of your bus stop and walk the remaining distance. What of if you decide to cycle all the way?

Riding a bicycle helps to improve the joints, posture, and even gives extra confidence. It’s one of the exercises you can begin with if you’ve not exercised for a while, although you might feel tired in the legs, daily practice will strengthen your legs.

  • Kayaking

Aside from the peaceful atmosphere that helps you unwind, Kayaking tones the upper body muscles which include the arms, shoulder, chest, back and stomach muscles. Note that the lower body is not left out as it trains you on how to keep balance. Always remember to slather in your sunscreen when preparing for a Kayaking event.

  • Beach volleyball

There is no better way to play volleyball than when you are on the beach. An hour of beach volleyball will see improvement in your shoulder, back, and arm muscles. And since it’s a great cardio workout, it will also get your heart pumping and reduce high blood pressure. Ensure you do some warm-up exercise before engaging in this activity to reduce your chances of injury.

Eat healthily

Another way you might want to stay fit is by eating healthy and nutritious foods. If you engage in all the exercises and activities in the world but still go back to a bad diet, you are doing yourself no right. Take charge of your health by replacing junks with healthy foods.

Eat more fruits and veggies, whole grains, lean grass-fed, wild caught proteins, and healthy unsaturated fats. Avoid processed foods while cutting down on sugar, salt, and saturated fat. If you can avoid taking alcohol, that’s great, if not, reduce your intake or stick with red wine.

Regular exercise

Some women try to exercise once a week which is not enough if you want to stay fit. The average number of days is three. To get the benefit of exercising you need to use five days in a week for 30 minutes to an hour.

You can engage in different forms of exercises such as aerobics and high-intensity exercises. Some exercises that can help women stay fit in California are squats, pull-ups, planks, pushups, lunges, weightlifting, running, jogging, walking, etc.

You can choose from the varieties of exercise or stick to the one that works best for your body. Registering for a gym membership is another way to enjoy exercising as you can work with a training professional to get a sculpted fit body. It is also a place to get the motivation to keep pushing forward.

Stay hydrated

One of the ways you can stay fit and healthy is through drinking enough water and other alternatives like fresh fruit juices, smoothies or protein shakes. Before engaging in any form of exercise, ensure that you drink water and not alcohol because the later will make you dehydrated.

Also, avoid drinking cold water especially if you are engaging in a high impact activity because it could lead to abdominal cramping. If you are sweating profusely due to the movement for close to an hour, you might want to take an electrolyte to replace the lost mineral.

Avoid stress

Although it’s not possible to avoid stress totally, you can try to manage it. A stressful life leads to ill-health, depression, emotional imbalance, bad eating habits, and all sorts of unhealthy habits. Knowing how to handle stress is one of the healthy lifestyle goals. You can adopt some stress management techniques such as deep breathing, yoga, massage, exercise, meditation, healthy meals, etc.

Always try not to take a work overload because you are trying to please your boss and earn a promotion. Think of your health first because you cannot enjoy that promotion on a sick bed. If you have anything bothering and threatening your peace of mind, discuss it with a trusted friend or family member. Better still, get in touch with a professional counselor that will listen without bias. Stay away from people or things that leave you unhappy or drained.


Sleep deprivation can lead to all sorts of health problems such as excess weight gain, high blood pressure, insomnia, fatigue and so on. You should aim to get eight hours of sleep to give your body enough time to recuperate and repair worn out tissues.

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