Incorporate excercise Aug 04, 2018 @ 06:04 AM
Anca Marcus

Incorporate excercise

How to incorporate exercise into your daily life

If you are a busy mom and wife who also works a full-time job, getting exercise into your daily life may be challenging.

Between waking up early, making kids' lunches, prepping for dinner, driving kids around, doing laundry and not to mention working a full day, it's definitely not a surprise that sometimes fitness can take a backseat. Working moms are known to be extremely busy because their work day does not end when they leave the office.

Before and after going to their office, they have a whole other list of daily tasks.

Therefore, it's not uncommon for working moms to be tired and overwhelmed, especially when there are societal pressures to look fit.
Although you are a busy mom who struggles to balance work and life, there is good news for you.

You can still creatively incorporate exercise into your daily life without sacrificing your family or your sanity.

Below are a few creative ways that busy moms can make time for fitness:

1. Move as much as you can at work. If you have a meeting, opt to walk and talk during the meeting as opposed to sitting down in the boardroom. If you need to discuss something with a colleague, choose to walk over to talk to him/her as opposed to sending an email. Finally, if your building has stairs and an elevator, always take the stairs. You would be surprised at the difference that this will make for you.

2. Find a way to involve the kids. Ultimately, the kids look up to you as a role model. Therefore, if you involve the kids, not only will you have fun as a family, but also you will set a good example for them. Some ideas include: play tag with your kids, go hiking as a family, or go bike riding. This will teach kids early on how important it is to stay active. If your kid are too young to walk, you can push them in a stroller for added resistance during your own walk.

3. Split your one hour workout into three 20-minute sessions. In order for you to get the benefits of a workout, you don't necessarily have to do a one-hour workout all at once. Instead, you can wake up 20 minutes earlier and do a bodyweight circuit that consists of squats, pushups, burpees, glute bridges and jumping jacks. This will energize you for the day. Then, at lunch time, you can go for a 20-minute walk with a colleague. In the evening, you can do another 20 minutes after you put the kids to bed.

4. Plan your workouts in advance. If you schedule your workouts in advance, you will be less likely to skip them. This will also make working out a priority for you. Recognize that planning your workouts is not selfish. When you workout and make fitness a part of your life, you are increasing your chances of being healthy enough to be able to provide for your family for a long time. Being fit and healthy will enable you to be around for your kids when they need you.

As we can see, there are always opportunities to increase your fitness level, even if you are a busy working mom.

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